• Liz Szabo Vos

Season 2 Episode 8 Palinka, Froccs, and Unicum

In this episode, Andrea and I talk about some world famous Hungarian drinks -- Pálinka, fröccs, soda water, and Unicum.

We discuss what is pálinka and how to drink it and how it is used.

We talk about fröccs – spritzer. soda water and wine.

We chat about the history of soda water – Ányos István Jedlik invented the machine for dispensing soda water.

And we talk about Unicum and the Zwack Museum.

We mentioned elderberry as one of the fruits used in palinka. It's scientific name is Sambucus ebulus and is also known as danewort.

We have been to both of these US distilleries with a Hungarian connection:

Chain Bridge Distillery in Florida

Boardroom Spirits in Pennsylvania

If you visit Budapest, don't forget to visit the Zwack Museum!

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