• Liz Szabo Vos

Season 2 Episode 12 Hungarian Folk Tale - King Matthias’ Willow Branch

Updated: Jul 5

In this episode of the Hungarian Living podcast I read a Hungarian folk tale that my mom translated into English. She loved writing, especially for children. She really wanted to publish a book of Hungarian folk tales translated into English and was working on it in the 1960’s. But life kept happening so she had to set it aside and just never got back to it!

I am compiling these in honor of my mom as a treasure to give my brothers and their children as well as my children and grandchildren. I am not sure how the printed form will look but I am having fun thinking about the possibilities!

King Matthias was the ruler of Hungary from 1440-1490. He was the great Hungarian king of the Renaissance and one of the greatest public figures in Hungarian history. One of his prime concerns was the alleviation of the suffering of the serfs, and very often he would disguise himself in peasant clothes and walk among his people. He insisted that truth and justice be upheld at all times, and because of his many actions along this line, he was loved by all his people. This is why there are so many tales, legends, and myths centering around him. King Matthias was so well loved by the common people that the tales spread to the surrounding Ukrainian, Slovakian, Slovenian, and even Romanian folklore.

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