• Liz Szabo Vos

Hungarian Living Episode 003 Hungarian Meat Soup and More!

Updated: Jan 20

Here are some of the recipes discussed during this episode:

Hungarian Meat Soup ~ Húsleves

Layered Potatoes ~ Rakott Krumpli

Farmers Cheese & Bacon Noodles ~Túrós Csusza

We have a few fun cooking classes coming up in October that you might want to check out. All of them will be live classes, happening on Zoom.

We will have a Hungarian honey cake class for beginners. Hungarian honey cakes are called mezeskalacs in Hungarian and these classes include the dough mixing and baking and decorating.

We will have a Szaloncukor Class – szaloncukor is the traditional Hungarian Christmas candy that is hung on the trees, and we will learn how to make and wrap these candies.

And we have a Meringue circles or Habcsok Class. Habcsok are an easy and sweet decoration you can hang on your Christmas tree. I will include all of the links for these classes in the show notes. Your October can be filled with all sorts of fun Hungarian holiday treats!

And, in case you haven’t heard, we are also offering Hungarian lessons this fall with a live teacher at a variety of skill levels! But hurry, our fall session starts in early September! There is some information at the Magyar Marketing website but you will need to message us right away so we can find a spot for you! You can call us at 1-800-786-7851 for more information on any of our upcoming classes.

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