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Genealogy with Les Josa

Updated: Jul 5

In this episode of the Hungarian Living podcast, I visit with Laszlo Les Josa about genealogy research. If you are at the beginning of your research or you have been doing this for years, Laszlo makes it clear that there are always new things to learn! If you have any questions for Laszlo to answer about genealogy on future podcast episodes, please send them to Podcast@HungarianLiving.com

Some of the resources mentioned in this podcast:


Family Search

Start gathering the info you know -- your parents, their names and dates of birth and marriage. Look at their obituaries. Did they have a religious connection? If so, with what kind of institution? Do you know their parents names? Did they have any siblings? Do you remember anything about you having cousins? Do you know where they were from in Hungary? Did they speak Hungarian or German or something else? All of these things give little clues.

We have a Facebook group specifically for those who are researching Hungarian genealogy called Hungarian Living Genealogy Group -- We invite you to join!

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